Finance experts reveal the best day to be born if you want to be a billionaire – as surprising number share a birthday

A STUDY has revealed the best day to be born if you want to become a billionaire.

Finance experts at Coupon Follow have come up with the day of the year that could lead you to a great wealth.


A study has revealed the best day to be born if you want to become a billionaire.[/caption]


British billionaire Sir Chris Hohn was born on this date[/caption]


US billionaire Donald Newhouse was also born on the same day[/caption]

The experts analysed the data from Bloomberg’s Top 500 billionaires list. 

They researched each person’s industry and date of birth to narrow down the commonalities that may have contributed to their success. 

The company discerned that November 30 was the most popular birth date among the top billionaires – and said it is “miles ahead of the other birth dates.”

Out of the top 500 billionaires, 19 were born on November 30.

Coupon Follow reported that Jan. 1 was the only date that came close, with 13 billionaires being born that day.

And every other date in a year had between only two and four billionaires who shared their birthday.

Coupon Follow added that after November, October was likewise found to be the most popular birth month for billionaires.

The experts said: “If you’re worried that you might not get this exact date for your future child, then you’re in luck.

“45 out of 500 billionaires are born in October.”

Out of the top 19 people billionaires born on November 30, Advance Publications owner Donald Newhouse ranked 115 out of the 500 wealthiest billionaires with a net worth of $15.8 billion.

Wuthelam Holdings chairman Goh Cheng Liang got the second spot for the most popular birthday with a worth of $11.1 billion.

The third and fourth slots are held by Gong Hongjia and Diane Hendricks.

They both have a net worth of $10.8 billion and $10.4 billion respectively.

British billionaire and hedge fund manager Chris Hohn also made it to the November 30 list, with a total net worth of $6.29 billion.

Top Billionaires born on November 30

  • Donald Newhouse – $15.8B
  • Goh Cheng Liang – $11.1B
  • Gong Hongjia – $10.8B
  • Diane Hendricks – $10.4B
  • Nathan Blecharczyk – $9.8B
  • Ma Jianrong – $9.43B
  • Blair Parry-Okeden – $9.32B
  • Jude Reyes – $8.55B
  • Heinrich Deichmann & family – $8.36B
  • Bubba Cathy – $7.35B
  • Alain Bouchard – $7.16B
  • Chris Hohn – $6.29B
  • Tim Sweeney – $6.21B
  • Margaretta Taylor – $6.18B
  • Katherine Rayner – $6.18B
  • Mark Shoen – $6.078
  • Joao Moreira Salles – $6.06B
  • Francis Choi – $5.808
  • Mark Scheinberg – $5.70B

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