My OAP neighbours heightened their patio so they can see over our fence – they sunbathe half naked & it’s all I can see

WITH temperatures soaring across the UK, many of us will likely be trying to make the most of the warm weather by sunbathing in our gardens.

But one person has told how this has caused quite a problem when it comes to their sun-worshipping OAP neighbours, who like to sunbathe half naked every day.


A woman has told how her neighbours sunbathe half-naked and she can see everything[/caption]

In a thread shared to Mumsnet, the woman, who works from home, explained: “They are a retired couple who LOVE the sun to the point that they look orange (the colour of a baked bean).

“When we moved in several years ago they would sit for hours in the sun at the end of their garden staring at our house.

“On every sunny day they would be there.”

However, she went on to say how it was after lockdown when her neighbours had their terrace and patio redone that the issues really started.

“It is now several feet higher and wider (half the depth of their garden) it is HUGE,” the woman said.

They are a retired couple who LOVE the sun to the point that they look orange (the colour of a baked bean)

Frustrated woman

“When they walk on the patio they can see over the fence as the terrace is so high, their head and shoulders are now above the fence.”

The frustrated neighbour, who says her neigbhour’s fence is six feet tall, notes how they’ve now positioned their tables and chairs up to the fence.

“They sit either here with their sun loungers facing our garden (looking directly at us) or at the back facing our house (looking directly at us),” she continued.

“If the sun is out, they are out.”

The woman, who says the husband sits with his shirt off and his wife in a swimsuit, went on to admit that she finds them “intriguing” and “annoying” in equal measure.

“Because I work from home I see them from all our back rooms,” she added.

After questioning whether it was usual behaviour or whether she was being unreasonable, it wasn’t long before the comments section was flooded with messages – with very mixed reviews.

Many people defended the woman and reassured that she had every right to feel the way she does.

“That would p*** me off big time,” one person wrote.

“I’d be planting some fast growing bamboo in planters all along the fence to grow high enough to block their view of your house.”

A second commented: “People sunbathing in their garden is very normal.

“Being annoyed by people looking into your garden is also very normal, as it’s planting something or putting up trellis for privacy.”

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A third advised: “Put in bushes, nice fast growing tall ones. Couldn’t be doing with that lack of privacy.”

Elsewhere, others stuck up for the sun-obsessed neighbours, with one pointing out: “Be glad they aren’t nudists…”

Another noted: “Are they just facing the sun and it seems like they’re looking at you?

“If they’re staring at you, then yes that’s odd. But they’re probably not.”

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